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  1. Im Glad that im Gone be Able to Watch the Season Premier of "Scare Tactics" tmrw. I used to Love that Show. LOL

  2. My day isa officially Over Now at 5:23 AM GA Time. Holla at Cha'll at arnd 3PM

  3. I got some Issues that I need to address.

  4. Whatever U want. Slow Motion, Nasty, Boss Mode. Whatever U Pushin. "@IamDTruth: @DJEazy_G: wht I need 2 submit, 2 get on tht tape"

  5. Independent Artist Submit Music Now for #HipHopAllStars2K11 V4. Hosted by "Makin' It Magazines'" CEO K.C.! #A3C #Coast2CoastDJs #StreetsENT

  6. I'm still Tweeting at 3:58 in the AM Ga Time cuz I'm at Work. If anybody Wondered.

  7. Playa why U Hating???

  8. Independent Artist Submit Music Now for #HipHopAllStars2K11 V4. Hosted by "Makin' It Magazines'" CEO K.C.!! #A3C #Coast2CoastDJs #StreetsENT

  9. Big K.R.I.T. Done took off like a Rocket. That's what's Up...#Talent

  10. U only Live once..So what u gone do with it Mane!?!

  11. ARTIST...Major or Indy...Post INSTRUMENTALS with Ur Singles!!!!!

  12. Independent Artist Submit Your Music NOW to be Featured on #HipHopAllStars2K11 V.4...Email in Bio!

  13. I really Feel like Doin alot of Stuff today. I feel Very Productive for some Reason.

  14. He shouldve said..."When I Say it, im Not trying to Say it in an Offensive Way. I grew Up being Called that, Using that as Slang. When U get Offended, you taking it back to the Time when People was Trying to be Hateful and Offensive. Everybody that Really knows me knows that I dont mean any Offense by it." I didnt get the "Taking it Back to the Internet" part but...ok
  15. "If these Niccas Dogs, than Im Animal Cruelty!" One of the BEST punchlines Ive Heard. @LilTunechi

  16. Mix Down in the Morning and then its a Wrap!

  17. #TurnUptheRadio! V.2 D/L it Here! --> http://t.co/ftGHzwN http://t.co/iAgL7GQ

  18. Ima get the Tab, u can get the Tip.

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