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  1. I waz about 2 work with Young Vito 2 smh #yourlifeizover

  2. They need 2 have real fightz on reality tv. Thiz shyt iz 2 predictable

  3. RT @King_David__: Wayne grew dreads then every ninja in the hood grew em, now he rocking jeggings (cont) http://t.co/sDcZuWS

  4. What'z a good radio station in Long Beach 2 check out?

  5. There'z so much good muzik out there beyond Sidity. It'z a banger, but don't limit your tastez 2 just 1 style of muzik smh

  6. Twitter'z starting 2 run itz course #overrated

  7. Yup!!! ( in my brutha man voice). RT @DjBigSpade: yo! wasup! ... mom's threw down in the kitchen (cont) http://t.co/f6hQMY6

  8. I'm not where I should b in my life, but I'm thankful 2 not b where I 1nce waz #deepthought

  9. Westside muzik at it'z finest Mile Hi style http://t.co/v3gI6UV

  10. fallin_loud_vs.mp3 - Hulk Share - Music Distribution Platform: http://t.co/vwtpj3V via @AddThis #banger

  11. Cali Dreamin by @RayJ goez hard

  12. "No Pain, No Gain by Kokane iz still 1 of my favorite trackz ever.. #Deepshyt

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