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  1. She was extra cold, i'm here to decongest.

  2. "Glory" By. Jay-Z almost made a youngin' drop a tear.

  3. So confident about these midterms.

  4. I connect me not sleeping tonight with the fact that I didn't hear your voice before I tried to close my eyes.

  5. Finally bought a new razor. No more of me looking like I live in the wilderness. haha

  6. So why is this the only black emoticon? >>

  7. The body that she's holdin', man, the love is suited for it.

  8. Mission Impossible is CRAZY.

  9. Wetness all around me, true. But i'm not island.

  10. Girls are hilarious.

  11. About to cop this Ben & Jerry's.

  12. Still got faith in this. If we don't work out, I guess i'm going atheist.

  13. She used to soda & nuggets. She really desires thuggin'.

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