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  1. It is not possible that I'm again especially considering what time I went to sleep

  2. just ate a great lunch, bout to get ready to go see @TruLuv314 and relax

  3. Check me out Nov 11th for @ArmoredIotas stop light party

  4. No break between now and time to hit up @klymaxx and if dude who throwin this event on our night not talkin $ I'm out

  5. "@Mone_Bones @Dj2tymez lol yes it's the truth" >>that it is lol

  6. Just got a good feeling about life right now, don't kno where it came from but I like it tho #goodvibes

  7. haven't been the dj today fareal decided to be the regular guy Trey, back to 2tymez when I wake up got business to handle w/ @DjTroubleSTL

  8. Boy I need to start back bein used to gettin calls in the morning

  9. WHADDUP TWITTER WORLD talk to ya boy I talk back

  10. Want a Real Economic Stimulus and Jobs Plan? Forgive Student Loan Debt! http://t.co/f2zNY0Tr #signon

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