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  1. This random man just made a booty call from my phone

  2. Wherever I go Im rocking a black beanie, black sweater, denims and black kicks #YouKnowIMeanBusinessWhenImInAllBlack

  3. I paid $360 for a damn parking pass Im parking on the hill EVERY DAMN DAY!

  4. I feel strange today

  5. Listening to Maxwell due to the lack of action tonight

  6. Just got in *opens bag of Skittles*

  7. What should I do tonight?

  8. RT @TILAGO_: Ok but @DJKRO better do it right now.

  9. Nevermind, Im rocking the black and cream tonight

  10. And she crackin her damn gum!

  11. Works every time RT @DjBiggRich: These MF doing the wobble in Fridays #smh

  12. This ho got on black boots, black leather pants AND A CAPE! A CAPE! http://t.co/Q1DoSUUc

  13. Sperry's do not go with a dress shirt and tie! Get some damn dress shoes!

  14. Trell being poop on this piano -____-

  15. Mac Miller is garbage

  16. And Im watching them all now

  17. 11 oclock cancelled due to the blood drive, first class at 1230 #TADOW

  18. I call her my lil bust it baby 'cause she keep it tight

  19. That fried chicken today was on point!

  20. Im nice on those beats now

  21. That intro track is sick

  22. If my kicks starts leanin and the heat stop workin then my heat start workin, Ima rob me a person

  23. DEADskins and CowGIRLS

  24. Old school Go Go > New Go Go

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