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  1. Related content: Instagram Image Instagram Image Instagram Image #slobucks going in on instagram at officer @50cent. #momentofsilence Are you ready?
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  5. Related content: Instagram Image Instagram Image #slobucks going in on instagram at officer @50cent. #momentofsilence Ymcmb Birdman shows of his new mansion #24hourhiphop Pop star Justin Bieber was caught on camera dropping the N-word, while telling a tasteless joke to pals. Bieber is seen sitting on a couch with a woman, whose face has been blurred out, when he asks, “Why are black people afraid of chain saw?”
  6. Not only does Lil Scrappy have women issues, he now has money issues. I guess it’s hard here for a pimp, literally. Now ish jus got real Uncle Sam hit the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star with a tax lien because he didn’t file his taxes in 2006. #MONKEYFOOLISHNESS. How you dont file your taxes? People without jobs still file their taxes some how. As if Bambi, Erica P and Momma Dee wasn’t enough to handle. Now Lil’ Scrappy has to deal wit the feds because he failed to pay taxes in 2006 and they want their money. This is not the end of the story folks, he also owes a few other people. He owes Chancy Hope $150k from a legal settlement and more than $100k to a concert booking company called Heavy Rotation. On “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Scrappy looks like he is financially okay. In a recent episode we even see him agree to buy Momma Dee a new scooter. That seem like a good idea for him though with a tax lien, a lost lawsuit and the pending Heavy Rotation money that he owes. Not to mention……. Read More on www.24HourReality.com Related content: Love And Hip Hop ATL Ep 6 Recap: Karlie vs Khadiyah, Scrappy dont love Da Bam, and more on Kirk and Rasheeda mess? ATL Rapper Diamond exposes Scrappy and Momma Dee Love and HipHop reality star Mimi Faust father passes away….. Love & Hip Hop Star Mimi Faust stars in her new sex tape Love and Hip Hop ATL Star/Rapper Waka Flocka weds fiancee Tammy Rivera
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  12. Another child support drama alert. Halle Berry was order to pay Baby daddy Gabriel Abury $16,000 a month. No people you read correctly, i repeat $16,000 big ones for the 6 year old daughter Nahla. Since the split up back in 2010 Berry, 47 and Aubry, 38 have had 50/50 joint custody. In 2012 Gabriel was able to block Halle’s request to move baby girl Nahla with her at the time fiance Olivier Martinez to France. Ne se passe pas (French For Not Happening). I mean the father does have rights, right? In documents that were filed by the courts the decision made based on Halle Berry’s and Gabriel Abury’s income. Which of course we all know Berry made more, so courts were in favor of the the father. Not only that Halle was already paying 100% of her daughter’s private school fees, 50% of all medical expenses that may incur. Berry and Martinez who got married back in july of 2013 welcomed their son Maceo. Hopefully she stick with this one and not get caught in this situation again. Related content: Evelyn Lozada’s New Baby Daddy Is Revealed But Also News He Has Another Secret Child Queen B herself Ms.Lil’ Kim Is Pregnant! George Zimmerman agrees to celebrity boxing match…. Game? D.M.X? Who want him? Lil Wayne 12 Million Dollar Tax Trouble Rapper Young Jeezy Arrested Again
  13. Well, Whitney Houston fans, former Top Model Yaya DaCosta will be playing the legendary singer Whitney Houston in a Lifetime movie, which is due to come out in 2015. DaCosta is known for her appearance on “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 3, but has since then she has appeared in “All My Children,” Ugly Betty,” House” and “Lee Daniels’ The Butler.” DaCosta will play Houston as she deals with her volatile yet passionate relationship with Bobby Brown and her early success in the music industry. Hmm I wonder who they have playing Bobby? As we all know Houston died in 2012 by accidental drowning in a Beverly Hills hotel right before the Grammy Awards. She had a long history with drug abuse and cocaine in her system at the time of her death was documented on her autopsy. Angela Bassett will make her directorial debut with the film, which is simply titled “Whitney Houston” Once the the film was announced Bassett, who starred in 1995′s “Waiting To Exhale” with Houston, had this to say, “I have such regard for both Whitney’s and Bobby’s amazing talents and accomplishments; and I feel a responsibility in the telling of their story. Their humanity and bond fascinates us all. I’m beyond excited to have this opportunity to go behind the camera and into their world.” I don’t know about yall but i can’t to see this biopic. I think Yaya has the look, but can she pull it off? Yaya girl, you have big shoes to fill. We wish you the best. Related content: Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon officially Married NFL Kerry Rhodes dating Whitney Cummings, what happen to his male assistant Missing Atlanta Stripper Climax Found Dead Popular Strip Club Model Jhonni Blaze boyfriend Murdered On Christmas RAY J ARRESTED FOR VANDALISIM & RESISTING ARREST!
  14. Lawd have mercy Stevie J is back at it again. Homeboy is heading back to jail again. Y’all remember a couple weeks ago when good old Steebie was locked up for drug trafficking. Well he’s going back this time for child support. Come on Stevie we thought you had it, Apparently not. It was reported, the one hit producer owe a little over $1 million for his two children. Stevie initially was ordered to pay $6,5000 a month in child support back in 1999. Then a few years later the stakes were raised to $8,500 a month. Then homeboy stopped paying, I guess his kids don’t need to eat in his eyes. All that bragging and show boating on the got him caught up. According to TMZ reports, Stevie J hasn’t paid child support for 13 year. Dang! How he got away with that. Straight up MONKEYFOOLISHNESS.com So now, Atlanta Police has arrested him and he will be facing criminal charges. Related content: Love & Hip Hop Stevie J. owes $1.28 million in Child Support Love and Hip Hop ATL Stevie J Arrested!!!! Drug Trafficking??? Is Love and Hip Hop ATL Stevie J beating Joseline Hernandez???? Season 3 Love and HipHop ATL recap….Mimi sex tape leaked? Joseline and Stevie married? Wacka Flocka newest cast member…… Love & Hip Hop Star Mimi Faust stars in her new sex tape
  15. Related content: Scarface performing live February 15th at avenue night club in Hollywood ,fl any artist looking to open should hit up @dizzycleanface #24hourhiphop Instagram Image Instagram Image #slobucks going in on instagram at officer @50cent. #momentofsilence #24hour @24houruncut #24hournetwork #models #hiphop #videovixen #ladies #model #bblu #badbitchesonly #bbo visit us at www.24houruncut.com
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