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  1. We give to God the 1sr fruits of our increase.... it is because it is HE that has given the increase....

  2. RT @JPoweTheCEO: @DJTriggaTrey went ham as usual.... YD Productions

  3. I wonder who would be wrongest if I murdered a killer.... #MaxMinelli

  4. So @iRockBows is prolly lying bout that

  5. Man this "Niggas in Paris" this ish CRAY!!!!

  6. The real is on a rise!!!!

  7. RT @EatMyBoyShortxx: she let me hide my weed in her titties ! -- b**** I got tha CASH in tha rubberband....

  8. Good Morning Followers... Day 1 of the new job!

  9. Man I ain't seen @sddhb13 since he was inviting ex girlfriends to pool parties... LOL

  10. Respect is EARNED not granted!

  11. When @therealKAYofLA says she's in "rare form" means she prolly looks like a Monster... Lol

  12. RT @TrueLife_ImKD: JT got a lil dip y'all!!!! Marangoin girls loose yeah!!! #dead

  13. Over 250,000 lbs. Of Cocaine!!!!

  14. LOL... I just thought about #oomf when I bought these.... http://t.co/VsfUDpk

  15. ...and she just gonna LET HIM do it...

  16. RT @taKE_MY_wRAth: I can't believe this shit!!!

  17. RT @Ur_chocol8_drop: Ready to party with DJTriggaTrey & @vickie_secrets0 #leggo

  18. ATTN FOLLOWERS: @JamieCurves_PPM is in DESPERATE need of some Burger King Hash Browns w/4 packs of ketchup! Speedy service is appreciated!

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