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  1. i was drinkin and little bit clubin today ;)

  2. im free today.lol

  3. I wanna be that ;) haha....

  4. good morning world :) i havent work today.

  5. I'm so tired today :(

  6. I have a cold. Because laying bed now:(

  7. I can't understand what this problem now.So I'm unreasonable.

  8. I working here is last today.I'm going to next for tomorrow:)

  9. I having headache. So I'm drunk now.

  10. I'm def!!!looooooooooppl

  11. I'm so tired today ;) today was little busy.

  12. I can't sleep, have headache.

  13. i cant keep myself what to be good...

  14. I wanna starting new life where in the states ;)I wanna be a baller.lolIm tired to Japan.

  15. I got home. Maybe end of time soon..

  16. I'm lonely and work hard.lol

  17. What r u gonna do???lol

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