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  1. great track, drakes verse is flames
  2. been looking for this track for a while, so hype
  3. Chris Collinsworth.....#sftu

  4. “@Solehiphop Always Remember.. In the 4th quarter, God created TEBOW”

  5. I dont bother anybody....why you gotta fuck with me.....

  6. “@jemelehill “@danshanoff Explaining the BCS just now to my 5-year-old was more complicated (cont) http://t.co/jA3nSjKe

  7. when the kicks and claps come in on 'Crew Love' >

  8. Thats wassup “@chastityyx3 I got a raise #winningggggggg

  9. Iont owe you shit bitch leave me alone

  10. 50 should let Banks pick his beats

  11. Luda used to make dope videos.....his shits are so basic now .....like his rapping.........

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