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  1. Chris Collinsworth.....#sftu

  2. “@Solehiphop Always Remember.. In the 4th quarter, God created TEBOW”

  3. I dont bother anybody....why you gotta fuck with me.....

  4. “@jemelehill “@danshanoff Explaining the BCS just now to my 5-year-old was more complicated (cont) http://t.co/jA3nSjKe

  5. when the kicks and claps come in on 'Crew Love' >

  6. Thats wassup “@chastityyx3 I got a raise #winningggggggg

  7. Iont owe you shit bitch leave me alone

  8. 50 should let Banks pick his beats

  9. Luda used to make dope videos.....his shits are so basic now .....like his rapping.........

  10. #ohshit “@OfficiallyIce I hope I hit ya pregnant baby moms RT @hitstick732: please crash RT (cont) http://t.co/ifOBsHk7

  11. That's why Stephen A Smith is whack tho...He says its the Broncos D that is the reason for them (cont) http://t.co/R63KsDeL

  12. I hate that shit yo... “@AdrianaMGxo You know when you wake up and it's a great day it only takes (cont) http://t.co/dECWzdCj

  13. I need a link to that Jet World Order album

  14. “@Miss_Nyce “@FideEtAmore_ Count your blessings.””

  15. ------> “@TITTIES_n_BEER Stepbrothers never gets old to me lol”

  16. My bro had an all-atlround good game tonight tho

  17. They won't let my little bro be great!

  18. Its nice when the words "You work Saturday at Gould's" dont apply to you anymore lol...

  19. I've had "The Motto" stuck in my head all day

  20. Love seein you too “@ChrissayyB12 I love seeing @HR_Paperstaxx

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