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  1. T.I. tacks on a verse to Jay and ‘Ye’s “Paris” party track. Tip’s working off the rust and he sounds pretty confident here, proclaiming “the crown meet The Throne” on [...]
  2. Young Jeezy delivers the Drama-free versions of two of his recent mixtapes, The Real Is Back and The Real Is Back 2. For now, the closest thing we’ll be getting [...]
  3. The 2011 BET Hip-Hop Awards happened last night but nobody cared. Rappers, chains and shoutouts pretty much sum up what we can assume happened without even putting ourselves through the [...]
  4. Wale’s Ambition tour will be stopping through Nashville on Sunday, October 16th and we wanted to share free tickets for fans to enjoy the show. We’ll be giving away five [...]
  5. If there was ever a question which route David Stern would take with the NBA lockout – pad his legacy or fix the business model – it’s as clear as [...]
  6. The Daily Beast: “Difficult bargaining is nothing new for the show, which was created by James L. Brooks and Matt Groening. Fox studio execs have occasionally threatened to replace uncooperative [...]
  7. Late last week, Vybz Kartel was arrested for weed possession in Kingston, which seemed ungodly strange considering everyone’s perception of Jamaica and the fact that news cameras were around to [...]
  8. Dam-Funk went diggin’ in the crates for “Step Into My Zone.” To be more accurate, he found the song – originally recorded in 2006 – in “a black milk crate [...]
  9. Mac’s Road To A Million fans is almost done as he’s now eclipsed 900K. How do you celebrate having nearly a million people following your ever online move? You drop a track named after a pimp, that’s what. Keep space age pimpin’, young Macintosh. Mac Miller – “Willie Dynamite”
  10. Rihanna something something something Sao Paulo, Brazil. There are nights and some days where I pray the LOUD tour never ever ends. Even though we attempt to show restraint, recap photos from Ri Ri’s shows don’t get old and we don’t mind indulging one bit. *Tap tap, pull*
  11. Cory Booker Schools America [Newsweek] “The Game” Season 5 to Premiere in January 2012 [GOT] University of Houston Libraries Acquires DJ Screw’s Records Collection [Ozone Mag] Mile High Club Threesome Sets Off F16 Security Jets On 9/11 [Frank151] Eminem Chrysler Commercial Wins An Emmy [HHDX] Amy Winehouse’s Dad: Going Sober Killed Her [uproxx] The Right Rugby [Valet Mag] Miss Japan Is Awesome [Warming Glow] 14 Cities That Have Never Kissed The Lombardi Trophy [Coed] Use an Aluminum Can as a Wi-Fi Extender [Lifehacker] Nike Teases Us With Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Infrared [DrJays] Decide.com Knows Precisely When You Should Buy A New Phone [Venture Beat]
  12. Long before Dallas handed the Jets their first win of the season on a silver platter, my first loss of the weekend came approximately 72 hours earlier upon hearing Kevin Hart’s Laugh At My Pain would only be released in limited theaters. And of course, not a single one was in driving distance from yours truly. Despite limited access, the filmed tallied impressive numbers. Two million dollars in 97 theaters were the figures meaning LAMP did $20,619 per screen. It doesn’t stop there for Hart. These stats place Kevin in elite company. Not since Martin Lawrence’s Runteldat in 2002 has a concert series seen success like this and the first film since Chicago to debut with over $2M. Much of Hart’s rise to present day super-comedian status has been credited to personal brand marketing via outlets like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more. For those inquiring, the film will expand to an additional 58 theaters this Friday. He’s also making headlines on the DVD front. Check him out in 35 and Ticking, available now.
  13. “Rock-a-bye, baby, rock-a-bye” Harlem World’s 1999 album The Movement was split between tracks that reflected the polarizing times. For every glittery track on the album, cross-wise there stood a bloody, gutter-dwelling antagonist like “100 Shiesty’s” and the vis-á-vis booth battle of “Pointing Fingers.” Meano’s verses on the album had me believing in dude something awful, word to David D. swearing by rappers. Harlem World – “Pointing Fingers”
  14. L.A. Weekly: Bruce Hornsby has been a household name for 25 years. But in hip-hop he’s known for providing the sample tune of Tupac’s most popular song, “Changes,” which was culled from Hornby’s breakout hit, “The Way It Is.” On the heels of Hornsby’s new live album Bride Of The Noisemakers , the Virginia native and devoted Christian Scientist tells us about how “Changes” came to be, his impressions of ‘Pac, and a crazy story involving a former Virginia senator. Did you ever get to meet Tupac? No, I never did. As you know, of course, he recorded his version of my song, which I think was his biggest hit. A year after he was assassinated I got a cassette in the mail from the Shakur Foundation, saying “We found this song, it’s going to be the single on his Greatest Hits album coming out.” The original ["Changes"] was a lot dirtier, had a lot of the n-word. They took that out for the single. I didn’t request it; it’s their creation, it wasn’t my place to say anything. Did you like the song? I really liked it. Lots of rappers have used “The Way It Is:” Wyclef, E-40, Snoop. I loved what [Tupac] did with it. I just said, “Go go go.” Read the full story at L.A. Weekly.
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