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  1. https://soundcloud.com/josiah-the-gift/cani-live-2013-produced-by-j New EP titled "From The Heart," Will be out September 12th!
  2. Josiah The Gift Hysteria

    Bump. Dont sleep!
  3. Josiah The Gift Hysteria

    https://soundcloud.com/josiah-the-gift/josiah-the-gift-hysteria http://www.hulkshare.com/mjchkogut62o Lemme kno Whatchu think GH! New EP Coming Soon!
  4. So we dont get nnamdi in New york? SMH.

  5. Cant argue wit a nigga about shit in front of white people. They always think we gon start fighting. Jus talkin bout football.lol.Relax.

  6. Dis jay elect snippet i just got iz crazy!

  7. I feel bad for amy but at the same time dissapointed.Tremendous talent thrown away for drugs. Quite sad. Some people woull kill to be her

  8. Bout to watch some kung fu flicks and smoke.Aint goin out until dis heatwave go down.#Fuckwhatuheard

  9. Ima hov & kanye fan too so, don't consider my opinion hate.Jus honesty.

  10. What happened to taking risks? A&R's ill feel ya shit but think it's too risky. Fuck iz dat?

  11. I manage myself nigga.