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  1. Wow, really though? Lmfao

  2. Major fuck up,idk if he recover from that AT ALL #getyoshittogether

  3. I finally tried out some weave and now I think I love it!

  4. Running game does not equal realness,but if u want to play that game I can too!

  5. Hiding on twitter right now

  6. Bahahahaha this random dude just start singing out of no where,he is on them good drugs!

  7. It really annoys me when professors try to hold u in class the entire time :/

  8. I mean...."I fuckin does it like yeeeehhh" lmao,funniest shit ever

  9. Who works out in the gym in a hat,that means u aint serious

  10. Why is weed illegal but alcohol isnt when it is more harmful than weed or a lot of other drugs.

  11. That just pissed me off to the fullest level!

  12. Passing my old college*waves at all my lamar umiversity ppl*

  13. In the words of #oomf "Dont get bitter,get thick" lmao

  14. Tryin decide if I wanna go out tonight cause I got that itis right now

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