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  1. You may not be able to turn your plans into reality today beca... More for Aquarius http://t.co/ibEK5JEx

  2. Cking out master of the mix

  3. Gonna be an interesting weekend,my truck is in the shop.won't be ready till late Monday or Tuesday

  4. Your dreams may bring an answer to a lingering question, but y... More for Aquarius http://t.co/ibEK5JEx

  5. Hey ladies,if the outfit ur wearing has ur breasts out and pushed up, are u offended with a guy if that's all he's paying attention to?

  6. Who's goin to see katt williams tonite

  7. Riding ...round da city

  8. Headed to da norf to hang out

  9. This can be a perfect day to fall in love, whether or not you'... More for Aquarius http://t.co/ibEK5JEx

  10. I'm back in da m town ,what's poppin

  11. Others may see you as a positive force in their lives today as... More for Aquarius http://t.co/ibEK5JEx

  12. Is really enjoying sleeping in this week

  13. I just became the mayor of windsong apartments office on @foursquare! http://t.co/LbidHEB0

  14. Goodmorning gouls and goblins

  15. Just got off work,bout to ride this black stallion to the house

  16. Your unorthodox approach to life usually allows you to rationa... More for Aquarius http://t.co/ibEK5JEx

  17. RT @_BigSue Alright Alright Alriiiiiiggghhhht Yeeeaahhhh! Good morning!!!!

  18. I'm at Kellogg Co (2168 Frisco Ave, Memphis) http://t.co/Trh5JUiN

  19. I'm at Sonic Drive-In (4130 Kirby Pkwy, Memphis) [pic]: http://t.co/nsVNm2de

  20. You have an opportunity to expand your horizons now by investi... More for Aquarius http://t.co/ibEK5JEx

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