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  1. Add me on LiveProfile my PIN is LPCHKLKH LiveProfile is a free messenger for Android iPhone and BlackBerry. Get it from http://lp.im/get

  2. God. help me. complete my thoughts for me if you can. i'm thoroughly confused.

  3. i love swimmin in ya... baby drown me.

  4. a real nigga will never give u shit bitch

  5. fukk yoou bra lol i aint got no kids RT @PrettySmittty: @EstJune9th lol u know that's ur baby in her belly!! Ahahahhahaha

  6. im outta here... bout to go talk to @_StonyStone some more until i fall asleep (which prolly aint finna happen tonight anyway. #Amen #Gone.

  7. sittin here on oovoo.... listenin to old school... just vybin

  8. im marrying the chick who is in love with me when im drunk and she's sober. thats love. lol

  9. RT @designsbyivanhs: 300 Entertainment – Playas Get Chose (Internet Reaper Vol. 2) http://t.co/fIioUed

  10. just seen the ugliest kid wit braces..... im crying cuz im so disappointed lol

  11. number in DM. im outta here.

  12. lmao RT @Static_SpaZ: Used Car Salesman RT @D_Yvonne88: So who is Lil B?