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  1. You don't owe a ni**a #Nuthin! #Jeezy

  2. Just watched Mission Impossible 4. Great movie!hit me up if u want the link to watch it before it comes out tomorrow!

  3. Colts finally win!

  4. YouTube app for Xbox 360 rolls out to preview program participants http://t.co/5c8vvsP1 via @engadget

  5. Much warmer today!

  6. Little known fact - Rosetta Stone was a stone that was found in a city called Rosetta. It provided a key to decipher egyptian hieroglyphs through the Greek language.

  7. Facebook needs an emotional timeline. You could then see patterns I'm some of these crazy people

  8. Recognize were your trends came from - Sagging pants/skinny jeans = gay dudes.Coordination = Timeless

  9. I love this technological world we live in!Information is just a click away!

  10. Just because you take a pic from the back doesn't mean you have a fat ass!LMAO

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