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  1. Get your Dunk Dy9asty. shirt @www.notsoplaintees.bigcartel.com

  2. I have been up for 32hrs and I'm still going to give y'all 30songs in 30mins only on 107.9 The Beat with my big unk Jay Alexander 5pm

  3. Beautiful beautiful day I got 5 ps4 holla at me if you need

  4. BBN Fans shirts are now on sale (not this time this time we are hungry for 9 )

  5. Dj Dt Stop throwback Thursday song: Brick HouseShe's a brick houseMighty might just lettin' it all hang outShe's a brick houseThe lady's stacked and that's a fact,ain't holding nothing back.

  6. Y'all r only 2days to ride from work or to work 30songs song mins traffic mix only on 107.9fm the beat

  7. Shirt r going to the press #bbn fans will be hungry for them

  8. All I can say is #BBN fans get ready I guarantee my limited shirts is going to be the best out there just like our team

  9. U Can't get No where by sitting around waiting and hoping You gotta go out there and get

  10. Tune in to 107.9fm @5 to hear Dj Don't Stop turn up 30songs 30mins

  11. Looking for a song to add to fri radio mix name a song u wanna Hear on the Air old or new

  12. 30mins 30 song mix That's why I'm your favorite DJ favorite Dj

  13. Nawl I can't judge herWhat you do is your businessYou Can't Judge HerEver if she got four different baby daddy'sI don't care long as she happyIt ain't my business causeYou Can't Judge Her

  14. True story I keep seeing this homeless man in a wheel chair wheeling around downtown with just tore up socks on I approach Him and said I be back at 4 I'm going to bring you a new pair of socks and shoes he looked at me and said No I'm good shoes are a prison to your feet and than he rolled off WOW!!!

  15. I need an artist to draw up something simple today

  16. Only one thing you should know about me is ImYourDjsFavoriteDj

  17. I need some plastic food money all I have is cash and the store said my money is no good their so I need help I haven't Ate in 2weeks

  18. Dirt underneath my nails Cuz I'm be scratching The surface

  19. My Halloween costume is original and cheap bet I win

  20. I will never judge u cuz I never been to law school .

  21. Rock wit me y'all on 107.9 now

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