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  1. Drop ya pride and let it all out!!! Betcha feel real good after that...

  2. Something to vibe and ride 2 by 1djslim via #soundcloud http://t.co/wDmobz9w

  3. They say @lil_mook_ the next hot thang coming out Alabama... I approve this statement. "I Am Alabama" and you can google that!

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  5. JAckie Lees tonight FREEEEE alll night and crazzy drik specials!

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  7. Who does video footage and editing? Get at me!

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  16. Big D & Slim Dotta - Gone Like Da Wind

  17. Aug 6 #IAmAlabamatour will hit Auburn Al... @Jackie Lees.

  18. All these Damn Verizon commercials bout they the best. i call with a problem you give excuses, reset my phone my ass. i want a new one.

  19. Master your craft!

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