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  1. I'm watching Revenge, Duress (S1EP11) @intonow http://t.co/Z48oKjVV

  2. Op-Ed: Stop Feeding Facebook, It's Time for Moderation http://t.co/PJeEnFQ0

  3. Countdown 2012... Let's do this!

  4. I should be in Miami for NYE.

  5. This has been the lamest Christmas break ever.

  6. I need a new year's resolution.

  7. I'm watching Best of I Love The..., '90s: Hour 1 @intonow http://t.co/SJP6Fh6l

  8. I feel making some trance music

  9. I've found that its much easier to appreciate the people in my life than to weep over those I've lost.

  10. ♫ soundtracking "Unleash the F**king Dada" by Dada Life http://t.co/MFiVYgAv

  11. From @appadvice: Festivus is upon us with the AppAdvice app #festivusgiveaway. http://t.co/NMwNGGEa

  12. It takes a true friend to comfort me from 1600 miles away. Even though the tears only stopped for an hour, it means the world to me.

  13. At least your mother cares about you. No one else does. #douchebag