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  1. this is like some r&b flavored joint with a salsa beat on it. sounds like drake & rihanna, then joe has a 1-liner & remy sound so deep she sound like a man almost. i could listen to the instrumental all day but the lyrics leave much to be desired. its very "poppy" if you ask me. what'd you do, give up on real hiphop? and the album name sounds spanish, like they just givin up on american music like j-lo did.
  2. yes! this is some good R&B/soul music. it has that old school vibe to it, and i'm really feelin it. better than most new stuff out nowadays.
  3. its definitely some good ambient atmospheric vibe music, although "trap" is generally a bit slow for my taste. this song is the kind of melody i could really rock with. it does give the feelin' of bein' "on one" when i gave it a listen.
  4. song is crazy & not in a good way. quit now ya piece a garbage named amy.
  5. sounds lyk da same old tired formula ta me. blah
  6. its ok wit da beat but da lyrics leev much ta b dzired
  7. its aiight but i ben herd much hotta
  8. nice beat & 1/2 way ok lyrics. mite find a followin
  9. i dun herd much betta shit van dis. back ta da drawin board hoez
  10. song iz purdy aiight. gr8 fo doze who luv dat hyphy shit
  11. songs ok on 1st lisen but aint sho bout replayability. but wassup wit dat instrumental tho? i wanna bump dat!
  12. song is so-so. as in, decent hook but shitty verses. had ta keep it real
  13. ok track but tired topic. evrabody rappin bout $$$$ nowadayz...
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