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  1. I think that might be too short of a time, like I see a few people below me need to get used to the mixer first. Maybe 3PM wed?
  2. There is no doubt in my mind which is the best House song ever.what?
  3. It is about time that adults start to speak out. you pose a good case with logic and reason. i do believe however that most americans see things for what they truly are.
  4. You would be better off getting a cash advance on your credit card than taking a cash advance loan. Or borrowing from a friend or family member. Or getting a cash advance from work. Or selling things you don't need for cash on Craigslist.
  5. In real term it is really very tough to get loans if you have a bad credit history.But still I am giving you a link that says that they provide loans in spite of bad credit history.
  6. If you are receiving Social Security Disability Benefits then do not worry about paying that rip off payday loan company as SSDI is exempt from garnishment by federal law. (see source area).
  7. You may apply for the same in August/ September.
  8. Steak with lots of A1 sauce, potatoes with lots of sour cream and bacon, rice, lobster with lots of butter, and grilled Bbq Ribs and a salad with ranch dressing.
  9. Judas needs to be an incredibly strong tenor - he spends most of his time singing well above middle C and is hitting top Bs an octave above your top note.
  10. I dont go to clubs at all. I work 5 days a week, my way of relaxtion is skating,being home in my room or gaming. everything is good to an extent. And i agree with the other person 'party hard and work harder' thats how you earn.
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