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    Artist, Entertainer, CEO, Investor, and Entrepreneur is only a few of the categories Dallas Renaissance Rapper, Bone can be classified under. Continuously changing lanes, the mogul in the making is securing his staple in the hip hop scene.
    Born Terry Rodgers on Oct. 14, 1974, the youngster was tossed into a life of struggle. Growing up as the middle child in a family of five in the projects of Dallas, Texas, fueled a fight for survival and recognition. Walking on the hard-edged side of life wearing hand-me-downs and being shuffled every year from one section 8 house to another, gave young Terry a “bone to pick” with society. Expressing the layers of his urban culture through street poetry proved to be his release. What started off as a childhood freestyle battle at the school bus stop, quickly spiraled into a profession dominated by the artist well recognized today.
    However, the path to his profession was a struggle with many demands. Terry “Bone” Rodgers faced many roadblocks in his life, but at the age of 16, one in particular came close to becoming a headstone when he was shot. Surviving his circumstances once again, revealed his natural resilience. His ability to emerge from every hardship delivered became essential in the following years when Bone went from living the “hood” life to viewing life from behind a jail cell door. It was during his five year span in Leavenworth, Kansas’ maximum security prison that Bone embraced his struggle and created an outlet for other artists-crafting his own Indie record label, Bonecide Entertainment. The label’s name comes from his boys in the hood claiming, “I’m on Bone’s side.”
    Upon his release from prison, Bone was ready to take back his life, laying the red carpet to his future. Independent and unwilling to conform, he set out to be his own boss-working various odd jobs until he had enough money in the bank to purchase his first 18 wheeler. After many days and nights of driving thousands of miles, the young entrepreneur earned enough money to start his own fully staffed trucking company. As his pockets expanded, so did his ambition and drive for a life of luxury. Always believing in his self, the artist focused on sharing his story to give people a different perspective on life. “Hip Hop is supposed to uplift and create, to educate people on a larger level and to make a change.” Funding his own talent, Bone released his mix tape, Trip through the Dirty South in 2001.
    After nearly a decade of being submerged in the music industry, the seasoned artist evolved into a CEO, mastering the business of music and crafting his strategically named record label. The southern bred artist not only mastered the business of music, but also the art of branding. Dominating hip hop media publications like Block 2 Block and Ozone magazines, the increasingly visible artist made a name for himself through his own aggressive campaign. In 2010, Bone dropped his 214 mix tape, showcasing support with features from fellow artists like Bun B, E40, Lil Keke, Pimp C, and Slim Thug. “I went from the worst of the worst, to look at me now; I’m on my way to being the best of the best.”
    With influences like Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J, DMX, Heavy D, Dre, Biggie Smallz, and Jay-Z, Bone learned to express the parallels of the bleak street life and the American Dream. Songs like “Good Times” from his previous mix tape, 214 and “Pullin Up In Anything” from his current mix tape, Ghetto Government, give hip hop listeners and fans something to relate to and appreciate-whether they’ve lived a life of struggle or a life of fortune.
    Bone’s willingness to take creative risks and his track record for leaping over hurdles since birth, demonstrates his longevity and vitality to the music industry. The Texas homegrown rapper continues to be relevant through self belief, hard work, and respect for the next artist in line. With his new album appropriately entitled, World President-set to debut this summer, the commander and chief of Bonecide Entertainment will collect even more fans chanting, “I’m on Bone’s side!”
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