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  1. . the locality

    . the locality Ed. Notice of the locality of the Bronzite, Jameson: or Diallage metalloide, Hauy and Brongniart; at Amity, Orange county. State of New York; by J. Finch, Hon. Mem. West Point Lyc. Nat. Hist. tyc.On an excursion, in the autumn of , over the calcareous formation of Orange county, and the Northern part of the state of New Jersey, accompanied by Wm. Horton, Jr. M. D. of Goshen, N. Y. and Lieut. Mather of the U. States' Army, we discovered the above mentioned mineral, which naa not. l oeueve. oeen previous!? eoticeo Tory Burch Flats m tne u. states.The Bronzite occurs in foliated masses, composed of laminae. wmen wmw m size, irom minute scales, scarce!? two lines Vol. XVI.no. tllJ Intelligence and Miscellanies.in diameter, to large plates, eight or ten inches in length, and six or seven inches wide; sometimes, though rarely, it m tound in tmn nexanedrai taDies.The laminae varv irom one renin part oi a linetwo lines in thickness s they are usually parallel to each other, but are sometimes divergent, ana ax no verv uniiorm ancie s inev are generally straight, but sometimes curved, and are occasionativ separated irom. eacn otner ovwun mates oi calcareous spar. They are traversed by seams dividing the whole surface into very minute rhombic tables, which are also crossed m oilier lines, tnat passinrouen tnem oouaueiv m diverge from a centre. The plates will usually break, in a direction perpendicular to their surface, without separating any of the laminae which adhere together with such tenacity as to require a consideraoie' decreelorce to oivioe mem. vross fracture of the plates uneven and Tory Burch Outlet splintery.The surface of the laminae, exhibits a constant and brilliant metallic lustre, so sironsr as to renect verv distinctly the images presented to it. Color, deep brownish red,varying occasionally in some specimens to a copper color: the powder, after it has been acted upon by acids to free it from the carbonate of lime, is of a beautiful orange red.It p infusible when exposed to the action of the blowpipe, out loses its coior.The thin laminae, Tory Burch Sale are usually translucent, sometimes transparent; the foliae are opaque or but slightly translucent on their edges.
  2. On calomel

    On calomel On calomel, prepared by precipitation from a solution of crystallized protomtrate of mercury, with muriate of soda which was repeatedly washed with warm distilled water, with solution of muriate of ammonia and with warm alcohol, I dropped a small quantity of potass water. A reddish powder was very distinctly observable. When sufficient alkali was added to decompose all tho calomei, the powder was of a brownish black color, and when dry contained visible globules of metal. This shows tbe fallacy of one of the reputed tests for the purity of calomel.Novaculue in Georgia.Extract of a leer to the Editor. front inr.jxeenev. aaiea " jf?arf wemoie Academy:" Jan. h%. "i tane ine uoeriv oi aaaressina vou rei&tive to a mineral which I have been examining, and pronounced novacuhte. believing it identical, if not with the Turkey oil stone, with that found in N. Carolina, and described. I think, in the thirteentn volume oi ine American journal oi science anci Arts. , kfc since i came to in is conclusion, i oousnea a snecimen of it, and Tory Burch Sale prepared it by boiling in oil. after the manner of% the Turkey oil stones, and put it into the hands of a carpenter. who. after trial, pronounced it' a Turkey oil stone of a suoerior auauiv.' " This mineral is found in Lincoln and Oglethorpe counties. ijeorsia. i nave recenuv. visuea me locality m Lincoln. . ii is situaiea on a low nni, aoout two nines irom Liincomton courtnouse. it is seen Droiecunir aoove tne surface ot tne earin.tnrouan iour or nve acresoi srounu. and is teretore orooaoi?auite extensive, it is louna verv mucn inclined, or nearly in a vertical position. There are several varieties of color in the same locality. That which is found exoosea to ine aimosonere. is mostly ox a veuowisn straw color: out tnat wnien is taiien irorn oeneatn tne surface ot " ine earin. ismosti? ox a ereenisn wnite. a xair snecimen oi which I now send you."Prof. D. Olmsted, to whom we have exhibited the above named specimen, and who, from Tory Burch Flats his familiarity with the extensive ocas oi novaceme m norm aroima, is wen ouaiinea to judge, agrees in opinion with Mr. Keeuey ; and if it were of any importance, we could add our own Tory Burch Outlet assent.