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  1. DJ's THIS RECORD IS A MUST HAVE BRAULIC RECORDS PRESENTS... VEDO THESINGER Uploaded with ImageShack.us Vedo the Singer, born Wilbart McCoy III on Febuary 25th 1993 is the comming of a new age sensation in the world of music. This incredible talent has been singing since the age of 6yrs old and dancing since the age of 11. As a child he was known for running around the house pretending to be Michael Jackson, Otis Redding, and James Brown with a brush as a microphone. Vedo wrote songs and recorded himself for a while until he was introduced to Torry Hull CEO of iTop Media Corp. and Aikon Management thru a mutual friend. Torry signed Vedo after a trial period and Vedo immediatly started working with song writing phenom Renegade Da Writer. Since signed he has worked with top producers that include Troy Taylor, JonJonTraxx, Miko, Darkchild, Soul Keys, Mark the Mogul, JB Thomas, Etc. His product has come out to be an ifectious blend of R&B and Popular Music. There is no doubt that with the natural raw talent and extensive artist development that Vedo the Singer will quickly become a household name around the world. His unique style of singing and dancing is simply explosive, so we invite you to come along on the journey to superstardom... VIDEO TRAILER FOR "TRAFFIC JAM": DOWNLOAD: LimeLinx - Preview - 01_-_Traffic_Jam.mp3 FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT WWW.VEDOTHESINGER.COM BOOKING: BOOKING@VEDOTHESINGER.COM