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    Lil T-ray is a 17 years old rapper originally from New Orleans, La. and has lived in Jackson Ms. for four years as well. His birth name is Latraya Green. He’s been living in Sarasota FL. for 2 years which is his current home. When Lil T-ray moved to Sarasota music became his outlet, it was the only way to express where he come from, how he was raised and the problems he was going through. He has a down south style that makes him stand out from other artist. Some compare his voice and style to rapper “Lil Boosie” but T-ray disagrees, he feels like no matter who you are and what your style is someone is going to compare you to another big name artist “Music really is my life and passion and I have much respect for all the great artist who came before me but now it’s my time” says Lil T-ray. He’s been working hard trying to find his own style and perfect his craft and all of his fans and friends can proudly say he found it. “All I am asking for is just this one shot I never forget the people who help me and if you can give me just this one shot I promise you want regret it I know I have talent I just need the world to know it” Says Lil T-ray. When looking at the artist you see a young face and joyful person to be around but most people couldn’t imagine some of the things he’s saw in his short period of life time. Such as hurricane destruction, robbery, murders, welfare, state to state moves and etc. These things are what makes the artist unique. “When my best friend Day Day got murdered I think that’s when the music field became my dream” Says Lil T-ray. “It helped me to get everything I was holding in Out” says Lil T-ray. The artist has so much motivation and drive for success that every time he gets his 300 dollar fast food check at least 200 of it goes on something pertaining to his music whether it’s photo shoot, video shoots, studio time, or etc. You want find to many teenagers like this one who gets everything on their own and invests in the right things because he knows it will eventually profit someday. T-ray is just waiting to get heard and when that time comes it will be a time of enjoyment and uplifting moment for the talented teen.
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