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  1. I am interested in finding clothing manufacturers who can help me produce clothing for my own brand that I created. I want to find a company that will produce clothing to my specs, such as buying large bulk loads at cheap discounted prices, but have good quality. Any help in getting started would be helpful, I am not sure what moves i should make.?
  2. shinetyler

    china export

    China exports a ridiculous amount of goods to the USA without tariffs or barriers. I was under the assumption when you export so many goods to one country there usually a trade agreement where both countries can trade freely with each other, but in reality, it's hard to export to China. I'm trying to find China-USA agreement, but I can't. Maybe they don't have an agreement, and you don't need one in order to trade so much?
  3. shinetyler

    china sourcing

    I need to purchase auto part from China and I know there's a 3rd party purchasing consulting company in China to help others on sourcing auto parts from China, should I trust them on my business or how to check if they can provide good sevice for me and my business? Do you have some good consulting company to introduce? Thanks!!!
  4. I've been in tech for nearly 7 years, and my company is rabidly outsourcing work to India while talented US people at this company leave in droves. How big of a threat is global sourcing? Is this the eventual end of IT work in the states, and should I instead study air conditioning repair? (I'm not being facetious either - I'm starting to think in terms of 'what can I do that can't be shipped overseas', since most things in IT can now be done remotely by people in India for a fraction of the price of paying an American.)Thoughts?
  5. I would like to import China mobile phones as a large volume. But have no idea about the import duty charges. can anyone advice me?Like that is there any website to find the Indian custom duty charges through online for different products?
  6. There seem to be ten thousand solar panel manufacturers and sellers and hundreds of different types of panels . Which panels are the most efficient and cost-effective? Who do we go to in order to get the best solar panel components for re-assembly. Is there anybody out there who can advise me on this?
  7. shinetyler


    Hiiii..... I am working as Computer Programmer in Government Organisation. As a part of my job I have to see the tender works also. Recently I uploaded four tenders in "www.e-procurement.gov.in" website. I came to know that one (one contractor called me and told) tender document drawing is not opening because of heavy file size. Now again I want to upload that drawing by reducing the file size. One person told me that we can upload drawings after tender publishing also but he is out of station. So guys & girls please help me. How can i again upload the drawing in that tender after publishing. My boss will kill me. He is very rude person. Please help......
  8. I would like to work in the import export field but i don't know if my qualifications are good enough to get that kind of job. I attended a 5 year professional school for tourism at the end of which i achieved a diploma as a tourist operator. Now i am completing a 3 year degree in languages: English and Spanish.I also speak Italian. I guess maybe an hnd in business would be useful to get a job in the industry.Does anyone know where i can get information for this type of job or where i can apply for it?also, what are the wages like? i know it's all about experience but could someone provide me a starting wage?
  9. Hello everyone, I am planning to open my own clothing line this summer and would like to order a couple of clothing to add into my design. I'm looking for a really bargain clothing with a wearable fabric (not too cheap looking) i'm also looking for difference sizes. if anyone know any web-site or if you want to give me some idea of how to open my own clothing line please write to me, i would love to hear from you.thanks?
  10. shinetyler

    china phones

    I have alot of friends in china and it never occured to me that none of them have answering machines so that i can leave a message to them when they are away, Do cell phones in china have message machines so you can leave people messages or no ?
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