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  1. #Wayneorjayz

    Must I remind everybody that Jay-Z NEVER wrote one single word...listen to Breathe Easy Must I remind everybody that Wayne is duplicating what Jay did 10 years ago by recruiting independent artists...Jay had Beans, Memph Bleek and Dip Set; Wayne has Tyga, Drake and Nicki.(SWAGGA JACKIN) Must I remind everybody that Jay-Z is a HUSTLA...this fool Wayne wearing tight ass zebra pants with red and yellow shoes trying to show everybody How to Love at the VMAs? He aint no real blood...Game should smack this ni**a for flying his colors. Must I remind everybody that Jay-Z set more trends; Wayne...(crickets and don't say that bullshit ass autotune and them tight ass pants) In a interview with Sway, Wayne said Jay-Z is one of the greatest emcees of all time, but he wants to be considered the greatest "musician" of all time. Thats cool but this is HIP HOP leave all that other bullshit at that door. FINALLY...must I remind everybody that DRAKE don't wanna fuck wit Cash Money no more and would rather join Jay-Z's label(Do a search on Mediatakeout) The list could go on but why bother? Jay is gonna give this rap shit up when Bey drop that baby in 6 months. Don't get me wrong Lil Wayne has his songs here and there and will eventually continue to sell records because its ppl out there that love him. But don't compare him to someone that's changed how the WORLD looks at hip hop and its culture.