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    Named Marc Scott Jr. after his father this young prospect was bred from birth. Born on June 27,1996, this phenom has music running through his veins.He began rapping @ age 5. Formed a group by the name of "BURN BOYZ". with his brother j. scott & cousin Lambo & age 8. At the time Rocket went by "luh Mac".
    together they made hits like their single..Dollaz" & one of my absolute favorites "Bestfreinds". Observing such potenial, Rockets father & older sibling, also music bound, collectively assited the group in putting together their first CD, entitled "FIRE ESCAPE". High profiled, yet short lived, the group later split when Rocket was was only 12, driven by the curiousity to achieve solo notiarity. Nevertheless, Rocket continued to preform where ever he could. Completing several mixtapes and featuring along side various of his family member. in an iterview I asked ...where does the name Rocketboi derive from? Blushing, he replied "Rocket came about because of how fast I was maturing lyrically; I felt I was blasting off". Well stated by a very spontaneous and hard working Rocket. In recent time the old gang has reunited and formed a new group called "Flame Ganq". Standby and watch as this ever so determined young man works towards his dream!!! Destination....Mars...
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    sports, family, music & money
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    Mixtape FAME OR LOVE:cool:
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    How Greenhitz Doing Im The Future No Cocky Talk Just Beliven.In My Self:cool: