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    CEO of Billionaire Bling Entertainment Inc. Nightclub marketing and promotion specialists. "without promotion its nothing"
  1. We are looking for bands all genres to showcase weekly. Contact for more details and info. #NewBandsWednesdays

  2. Join Billionaire Bling's Official Mailing List and receive news, events, and more! http://t.co/93OkNFgr

  3. Just finished laundry... Now time for my show the Good Wife.

  4. If you are a musician, you need to be using @FanBridge http://t.co/W7a8GIez to manage your fan list.

  5. She just start to pop it for a nigga look back and said baby its real. #WellDamn

  6. Just checked in at Oscars. Its already live. #WellDamm

  7. Lil kids birthday party right now... Turn it up for the lol ones.

  8. Catch Billionaire Bling in da mix tonight at the After Hours Ranch 6215 FM 969. 2am to 6am. BYOB. BBQ. $5 Cover. Free before 1am. #UpAllNite

  9. email tracks to billionairebling@gmail.com thanks.
  10. Oscar's was boomin last night. If you in Austin the realest, livest, hoodest after hour spot is Oscar's 6215 FM 969. 1am to 6am. #UpAllNite

  11. Good morning. One of the highest grossing weekends for nightclubs is upon us. Ima sit back and enjoy the money. #VictoryGrill #ClubOscars

  12. Cold front is here... I love a lady in snow boots and jeans. #WellDamn

  13. Feeling much better today. Bout to shower and then later head over to Main Event to celebrate 105.9FM birthday bash. #Spirit105.9FM

  14. Halloween this weekend. I don't celebrate it but ill take advantage of one of the highest grossing nightclub weekends of the year. #WellDamn

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