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  1. Mario Ft. Gucci Mane, Tum Tum, Tawana, Fat Pimp - Yeeeah

    no drops fam..aint got no use for it yet...cant wait..send it direct or any exclusive heat to guttamanent@yahoo.com (mixtape dj guttaman tha beast)
  2. Beniton Da Menace Ft. Rockstar Society - F**ked Up In The Club

  3. Gucci Mane Feat. Kanye West - So Much - Tags

    yeah..we need the no tags version..cause evil empire sounds extra stooopid on they mixtapes....sounds like the dude from the begginning of soaps my momz use to watch!!!
  4. Yung LA Ft. J-Money & Young Woo - Right Now (Produced By Drum Majors ATL)

    yeah fuck that lame!!!!!!!guttaman tha beast...hot track..2 up 2 down
  5. Yung L.A. & Young Dro - Party (Produced by 706HITZ)

    hot shit!!!!!
  6. i need a dope logo

    send me ya email to guttamanent@yahoo.com
  7. Juice Ft. Bun B. - Crush My Cool

    this juice from tha chi??????
  8. Dj Bdk Exclusive Remix - Sinima Beats & Lil Wayne "ease Your Pain"

    can u email this track to guttamanent@yahoo.com i will give this crazy mixtape rythem with prod. credits your way!!
  9. Mixtape Opportunities

    get at me www.myspace.com/guttamanthabeast or guttamanent@yahoo.com
  10. Gucci Mane - Go

    :Dgood shit!!!!....any accap availability?????guttamanent@yahoo.com
  11. who had the production for this one???????shit is hot..def goin on gucci season 6 droppin tomarrow
  12. Young Black Ft. Gucci Mane - Big Boy Stuntin (Remix)

    good lookz fam..be on tha lookout for gucci season 6...i got youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!guttamanent@yahoo.com
  13. J. Money Ft. Gucci Mane & DG Yola - Lost My Mind

    good look my gzzzzzz!!!!if u got any exclusive or rare gucci get at me..guttamanent@yahoo.com
  14. J. Futuristic Ft. OJ Da Juiceman - Racks