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  1. Another young and talented artist to shake up the game.
  2. This track has really been hitting the radio waves
  3. Wonder what Fetty can do in 2016
  4. "It can only mean one thing"
  5. Hey Already Sent an email to the link but just incase If Y'all still doing DJ Drops, I could really use one one bad. I would like a female with a very sexy voice with like some attitude to say this below. "You already know what it is! You are now Fuckin with thee Muzik Villain...You Know, You Know!" Besides that feel free to add in some effects and stuff, I would greatly appreciate this and thanks in advance. Anything I can help you with just let me know.
  6. I could use a DJ Drop too! My DeeJay Name is Muzik Villain, just Muzik Villain, with no (DJ) in front of thee name. Thankz in advance for thee drop. Deuces.
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