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  1. Mixx-It CP 60 Track 04 - Arrested Development - Everyday People http://www.zshare.net/audio/919173974b25c572/
  2. Here is one of the missing ones. Various Artists - Mixx-It CP 08 Tracklist: 01 - A1 - Various Artists - Party Medley Intro (Paul Cameron Mixx-It Edit) 02 - A2 - Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam - Lost In Emotion (Paul Cameron Mixx-It Edit) 03 - A3 - Various Misc Artists & Effects - Bridge Mix (Paul Cameron Mixx-It Edit) 04 - A4 - Denise Lopez - If You Feel It (Paul Cameron Mixx-It Edit) 05 - B1 - Madame X - Just That Type Of Girl (Paul Cameron Mixx-It Edit) 06 - B2 - Network - What You Want (Baby I Got It) (Paul Cameron Mixx-It Edit) Link: http://www.multiupload.com/RTLDWJ4ZIU pass = wonderful70s80smusicforum.com All the other missing issues that Mixx-It put out are at the location listed above, they have been posted there for a long long time along with many of the other CD releases. Don't join there if you only know how to download, they only let other up-loaders that are capable of sharing there own collections into there remix sections. This is one of the harder to find issues, but they have them all, including a lot of the missing tracks from older shares that have been circulating around the w.w.w. for years as incomplete issues.
  3. Quote > or know where I can get it?? You can find them at the last place you just registered at. They are all there. No invitation codes required, gimmick's, tricks or mandatory $ donations needed. "Ever"
  4. The entire collection can be found here. http://img852.imageshack.us/img852/5581/htfinal.png
  5. You can get them here if want. The entire hot tracks collection is posted here along with just about all the other old "defunct" classic remix-service companies from years gone by. As long as you are willing to share what you might have, then you could probably gain access to them. Don’t expect to get to them day one of your membership. There is no silly activation code needed to join here. & no gimmicks that after you sign up you have to pay. All you have to do is follow a few simple rules. One of them being share what you have that others are looking for that hasn’t been found yet and prove that you want to be an active member when you are a newbie. If you join to just down load and lurk around you won’t get far. http://www.multiupload.com/MJX0ETQ0EE
  6. Is this still a valid request for a re-post ?
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