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  1. No issue. I just didn't like it. ::shrug:: No big deal. Don't be so sensitive....?????????????????? lol THIS guy. ^^^
  2. I'm sorry. It just sound like somebody mama in the studio. The 1st chick's tongue can't even keep up with the beat. I didn't give it a chance.
  3. It's unfortunate, but I judged from the name and got what I expected, so I'm not surprised. Although, I've heard worse. I've never been in a strip club, but I can see how this could be "clappable", so it has it's place. As far as the cover, if those are the best chicks you can get baby, just take them off. Repackage with a chick squatting Kim/Nikki style, showing the waste down only, with an open cage door.
  4. A little mellow for the club. Better for blazing. But I definitely dig it.
  5. Catchy. I could get used to it.
  6. JaneDough

    Wish - Suga Daddy

    Oh yeah, a homegirl ran this one by me a couple weeks ago. I love it.
  7. If having an opinion about something makes me a hater, I guess we all are. Is this not an open forum? I hope you don't intend to respond to EVERY comment you don't like or you have quite the lengthy road ahead of you. EveryBODY is not going to like everyTHING. Don't be so sensitive and don't address me directly if you are too affected to have a respectful disagreement. Blessings to YOU as well and I could only HOPE your day was as great as mine was.
  8. Hey, it's the only thing I could say w/o sounding like a hater.
  9. It's ok. Sounds 5-years-old though.
  10. This hook is stuck in my head after one play, so it's done it's job. It's a go!
  11. It's straight. It's trying too hard to be "that song." Worse songs have been popular, so it has a chance. I just think it's a tad dry; incomplete. Too dependent on the beat. Side note: I'm almost certain one of those 3 is a chick...... :::shrug:::
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