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    Hailing from the port city of Georgetown, SC, De'Wayne Apollo Washington has been pursuing music since the age of 11 when he was first introduced to the drums. Participating in various marching bands and ensembles throughout his teen years, Apollo began learning how to put melodies and drum patterns together that would later become instrumentals to the story of a small town Pioneer. After graduating high school in 2005, Apollo went on to further his musical knowledge by enrolling at South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, SC where he would study Music Industry. Throughout his college experience Apollo has perfected his musical knowledge by studying music theory and music composition and applying those principles to his production to create a musical, yet southern east coast style that is spreading faster than a herpes epidemic in a red light district. Within the 5 years of attending SCSU, Apollo has rocked various crowds at showcases as well as talent shows on campus along with fellow comrades Triple M and Tha Majorz. Before graduating from SCSU, Apollo put on the very first Live Concert at SC State organized by students in the spring of 2009 called "The Young Fresh & Fly" Concert, which has opened the door for Live concerts on campus the following year and years to come. Currently Apollo is has attained a Bachelors of Arts in Music Industry and is currently a Host of ***Carolina Kingz Radio*** on B 90.3 FM in Orangeburg.

    Apollo has currently produced for Kenny Kane(Fly Away), Carlos Cartel, Triple M, Dominant, and a many other up and coming southern artists from the Carolinas and neighboring states.
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    Production, Radio, writing, anything that concerns media
  1. Anybody got the dirty acapella? Can you send it to apollo.843@gmail.com thanks
  2. I am album is a banger forreall - DJ APOLLO #itsObvious
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