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  1. Mikalo

    hot effects

    Hit me up with that link.. DJMIKALO@gmail.com
  2. I am in need of a place to where I can get Regional Mexican Musica.. I have look in alot of places and have yet to find a good selection.. Anyone that can help please do so.. Thank you..
  3. I like it.. Its about time to hear Missy... What everyone else think?
  4. Im having a problem getting part 23 says the file does not exist? let me know I have up to 25 but not 23... and d/ling 26 now...
  5. Mikalo

    hot effects

    Hit me up with da link also.. DJMikalo@gmail.com
  6. Thanks for the up.. Can't wait to see whats good on this one.. Thanks again
  7. Its a good banger... I'll check it out.. .
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