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  1. Artist: ShowOut Tripz Song: Cocanie Contact: Big Cee Jay 727-424-2166 Download: Cocaine << right click and save target
  2. this song is heating up in tampabay
  3. Da Commissioner - I'm Ur Freak http://www.bigceejay.com/music/ImUrFreak.mp3 DJ Service Pack: http://www.bigceejay.com/music/ImUrFreakDJServicePack.zip contact 404-997-3472 [i
  4. Shyzte - I'm Snatchin (Female Version) http://www.bigceejay.com/music/Snatchin.mp3 http://www.bigceejay.com/music/ShyzteSnatchinDJServicePack.zip
  5. we still out here grindin the streets on Bad Azz djs get at us for drops or shows
  6. Da Commissioner "I'm Ur Freak" Click Here To Download I'm Ur Freak for drops or shows contact Big Cee Jay 727-424-2166 0r bigceejay727@gmail.com
  7. Shyzte Snappa | Dirty http://www.bigceejay.com/music/Shyzte_Snappa.mp3 Snappa | Radio http://www.bigceejay.com/music/Shyzte_Snappa-Radio.mp3 This Record Is Produce By DJ Trans for drops or shows contact management Big Cee Jay 727-424-2166 or bigceejay727@gmail.com
  8. DJ Meek what good we trying to get that market over there already setting up some things don't waiting til it pop hit me up i got a idea for you 727-424-2166
  9. don't wait til you hear this record on radio get it now...call me i have a great opportunity for you 727-424-2166
  10. good hearing the song on the radio last night...wait not just radio but the number 1 radio station in the state wild 94.1 fm..djs don't wait for request on this song this is a hit record....let's go
  11. djs i promise you this song will shut the club down make sure you get a copy for tonite
  12. here is the dj pack if you haven't gotten it already http://www.bigceejay.com/music/Numbas_BadAzz_Pack.rar
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