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  1. at three reals the arroba

    at three reals the arroba Beef is sold at three reals the arroba, or 25 lb.; mutton, for the whole sheep, six reals. Veal is not allowed to be killed; and pork is very bad in deed, and seldom used at table. Turkeys cost from 5 to 7 reals; ducks and fowls, 3$ reals each; partridges and pigeons, If real the pair: geese are moderate3 reals each. Vegetables are very dear: cabbages, one real; carrots, green peas, cauliflowers, spinage, &c. in the same proportion.Although the chief articles of life are, at first cost, so cheap, the expense of fire in cooking makes them come almost, if not quite, as dear as in England. Coals are imported from England, and are dear.The beef is good, but much inferior to our's; and their fashion of always baking it gives it a taste of the charcoaland wood mi r$ndw it insipid, They hv$ no ide of roasting % (fee spit Mr. Booth, an Englishman, who keeps a store, is noted for having dinners in the English stylo.In summer meat will not keep beyond the day, and eattte age slaughtered in the Horning for the day's consumption ; in winter, the night previous. In England, meat kept two or three diys is supposed to eat more trader; here, it; is the reverse report tells me, for I have never been housekeeper enough to know from experienceMutton ismdififerent: fro sow fiwps they tell me, good mutton can he procured biit it has not been my lot to partake of any jimmy choo shoes of thift superior sjimmy choo uggs the m
  2. whose occupations

    whose occupations Those whose occupations lead them into the street, must expect a wetting. Strangers seem to join ito the sports with great glee. Ah English master of a vessel, just arrived, received a bucket of water. Not being aware of the practice, he took up bricks, swearing he would break every window in the house. He could scarcely be pacified. Many persons have been seriously ill from the effects of Carnival playing. The jimmy choo uggs newspapers and police have interfered to suppress it, hitherto, without effect, though it is somewhat lessened. They follow it as an ancient custom of the country; and,On the second day of the fair, it blew a gale of wind, ill which a boat,belonging to H.M. brig of war, Pfoeer, was ilpset, between the inner and outer roads, and five men were drowned. A subscription was opened for their families, in England, and 500 dollars were collected. Mr. Poussett, the viceconsul, generously exerted himself to forward this charitable act.like Other absurdities, it will, I suppose, die a natural death. If the ladies knew how much it detracts from feminine softness, surely it would be discontinued by them.In 1825, government seized the opportunity of the victory in Peru, to devote the three days of Carnival to public rejoicings Handbills Were accordingly issued, requesting fathers and masters of families to assist them, and prevent waterthrowing, denominating it " disgraceful to a civilized people." The appealhad, in some degree, the desired effect: at night, however, the waterplaying folks could not resist indulging in their favourite amusementsprinkling the pedestrians with Water from phials; especially in the Plaza, where, some mischiefloving girls managed to accommodate me with some of their favours in this way. In jimmy choo shoes time, the good sense of the people will banish this, as they have many other of their antique and absurd customs; for instance, the musical exhibitions during Lenta triumph gained by reason over bigotry and priestcraft.Provisions.The new market, in the centre of the town, is convenient, and well supplied : soldiers are stationed in the outlets, to keep order.
  3. I wandered into several

    I wandered into several I wandered into several; and the Gaucho ladies and gentlemen behaved with the greatest politeness, offering me a seat, and jimmy choo uggs entreating me to dance. The guitar was the music, with the usual accompaniments of singing, and snapping the fingers during the dance. On fine evenings a very elegant assemblage attend this fair, which is a promenade for the beauties of the city; but being held so near the equinox, the weather is generally unsettled. In 1822, a tremendous storm took place, one night of the fair, overwhelming jimmy choo shoes booths, flags, and preparations; hundreds took refuge in the church. At the theatre (in which I happened to be during the storm), the dust filled the interior, obscuring the stage. The small stones and dust, rattling against the walls and windows, had the effect of what one might suppose of a shower of small shot.The fitir at the Recolator, in as regarded amusements, was very dull. The promenade, however, was welt attended: the elegantes, and others of Buenos Ayres, appeared in their best attire; and the dashing jimmy choo mulatto girls, in silk stockings; white dresses, and veils, seemed determined . to rival the fair ones of higher birth. As usual, the equn noctial gales vented their spite at this devoted fairDuring Carnival, they have a disgusting practice: in place of music, masques, and dancing, they amuse themselves by throwing buckets and pans of water from the tops of houses and windows, sousing every passenger that passes, and following each other, from house to house, in regular water attacks. Eggshells filled with water are also thrown: .these are sold in the streets. The audience, on leaving the? theatre the night before Carnival, get a plentiful salute of them. It lasts three days; and many persons go out of town to avoid it, as it is hardly possible to walk the streets without a ducking. The ladies receive no mercy; neither do they deserve any, for they take a most active part. Repeatedly, on passing groups of them, at night, an egg of water has been adroitly put into my bosom.
  4. The cockney sportmen

    The cockney sportmen The cockney sportmen of Buenos Ayres sometimes amuse themselves by shooting gulls on the beach. . The country affords little jimmy choo uggs facility to follow fishing as jimmy choo shoes a sport; and the fish found in the river, with a few exceptions, is not worth catching. They fish on horseback. Two horses are attached, one to each end of the net,a man standing on their backs, in the manner of one of Astley's equestrians; and they go so deeply in the water, that the horses are, at times, obliged to swim. I have expected to see the men thrown off. The net is then hauled to the shore; the fish that is fit for the market is taken out, and the rest thrown or given away. People don't go out fishing at a distance, in boats. The sailors on board the vessels in the roads catch great quantities of fish, but they are ofa very indifferent kind: one called the catfish is the most common.Throwing the lasso is a favourite amusement of this country, and is performed by the natives with great dexterity. A man on horseback, holding the lasso (a rope looped at the end), rides amongst a herd of cattle, casting the rope towards the object he wishes to entrap; the first attempt almost always succeeds, and the animal is fast secured by the leg. They practice this lasso from boyhood : it is a formidable weapon jimmy choo against a flying enemy.An annual fair is held on some open ground, before the Recolator church, about two miles from the fort, and one' mile north of the town. It commences on the 12th of October (the nativity of Nostra Senora del Pilar, and continues a week. The amusements are not very great: there are a few booths for eating and drinking, swings, two or three humourless clowns running about, and a military band. The national British and American flags are hoisted from houses and booths devoted to good cheer, rented for the occasion by individuals of those nations. At night, the country people dance till a late hour in the booths; they .may be observed to perfection then.