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  1. Yolanda Adams - Be Still

    Is the a re-release for Yolanda Adams?
  2. The threacherous three - at the party

    It is from my Youth. This group was "It" When I was growing up in New York. That's All. Missy E
  3. Shelan - Slipping

    I think this track has a very strong prescence that demands that attention of the listener. It is better than some of the other stuff that we are currently playing. I agree with the rest of you. This is a hot track. Please send any other information about the artist to missye.partydoll@yahoo.com.
  4. Tyree Fuller - EX

    This is a nice track. I would be willing to give it a shot. I believe that is could do well. Please send any other information about this artist to Missye.partydoll@yahoo.com Missy E
  5. J. Marsh - Ladies

    I'm sorry you all are going to be very upset with me but, I felt that it was not original and lacked that spark that needed to get my attention. It was comprised of too many other slogans from other songs masked with the voiced editing. I later chalked it up as noise with all the other stuff going on in it. Again please forgive me it is my opinion. Missy E
  6. Teedra Moses - I Adore You

    Hello, I am Missy E of Love 103.7 FM in GA can you send that to my e-mail. I have a neo-soul hour on Sundays. I am glad to see that she is back. Missye.partydoll@yahoo.com. Thank you in advance. Missy E
  7. Bobby V. - Words

    I am loving this cut. Getting ready to put it in. Missy E
  8. Shannon - let the music play

    OMG!!! I have not heard this one in forever. Please send this one to Missye.partydoll@yahoo.com
  9. The threacherous three - at the party

    OMG!!!!!! Please say you have this????? Missye.partydoll@yahoo.com
  10. Cherrelle - you look good to me

    Dang... You got this too. Please hit me up @ Missye.partydoll@yahoo.com. Thanks Missy E
  11. Freedom - get up and dance

    Djhayze, can you hit me up @ Missye.partydoll@yahoo.com I have tried to open several of your links and they either report an error or broken. Thanks, Missy E
  12. Mantronix - needle to the groove

    Hey Djhayxe, Do you have Mantronix Clean? If you do can you send it to Missye.partydoll@yahoo.com Thanks Missy E
  13. A Tribe Called Quest ~ Bonita Applebum

    Girl, you the bomb. Missye.partydoll@yahoo.com. Thanks I needed it. Missy E
  14. Digable Planets - Cool Like That

    Oh... That is my Junk - Missye.partydoll@yahoo.com. Love it. Missy E
  15. Tyrone brunson - sticky situation

    Hey, Can you please e-mail this cut to me @ Missye.partydoll@yahoo.com. Thanks Missy E