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    Damo Entertainment was a company I put together to help expose artist into the industry. It is hard to get into the industry these days and I also consult artists into making the right decisions on getting themselves exposed to the industry. Its all about hard work and dedication to start off and be serious and willing to invest in yourself and not scared to take risks in the industry because its all a risk to be at the top.

    I also have an internet radio show to help get the artists exposure in the music game and set up interviews for the artist so that people can get to know them and hear their music.

    I have several blogs that I post to when I find an artists that I see is on their grind and trying to get things done.

    I have set up shows for many artists in my hometown and connect with many other producers, artists, managers, record labels, dj's, promoters, etc from all around the world.

    I have also created a compilation cd of nearly 33 artists on 18 tracks that we are promoting to help raise money to get exposure on different websites in hopes that one of these artists are acknowledged for the skills in the music game.
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    Music is what I love. I love to hear all genres of music.
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