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    Brooklyn rapper, 5MICS AKA 5FIVE is a lyrical powerhouse with a
    signature sound and style called "Raw Talent". This New York native
    was the #1 contestant in Lil Waynes Making the Next Hit reality TV
    show and his late current single, BOB-N-WEAVE had hit the air waves
    on several radio stations through out the southern regions . now
    resurfacing with his new single "naughty boy" soon to hit the
    airwaves worldwide.

    5MICS is definitely a fire starter. This high-energy
    artist/performer has been featured in The Source Magazine (July,
    2008), Rap Pages Bout 2 Blow (spring 09) and feature articles in
    magazines such as Xplosive and Drahma. 5MICS recently appeared on The
    East Coast Compilation CD called The New Big East hosted by HOT 97s
    DJ The Drama King Kay Slay. This truly amazing artist has also been
    featured on a m----tude of mix-tapes by some of the industrys hottest
    DJs such as Dj Kool Kids, Dj Lazy K. and Dj Green Laterns Monster
    Mash, and The Source Magazines Spit 16 mix- tape.

    5MICS has worked with many industry professionals and created promo
    drops for radio stations/radio personalities such as Power 105s Steph
    Lova, DJ Suss One, DJ Lady Chellez, and WKYS 93.9s DJ P. Stew. 5MICS
    single "NAUGHTY BOY" produced by THE FLUU lets you know.he means

    You can see and hear more from 5MICS as he continues to pump out hit
    after hit and branches out into film scores, soundtracks, DVDs and
    your local station! Please see attached Discography and check out
    5MICS at www.myspace.com/5five5five.

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    making good music
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