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  1. Your joints dope, but it wont download. How the fuck can we play it?
  2. Like i said before, if you want our pool to push your shit, send us some real shit that can be downloaded. Or ship cds!!
  3. Ya'll nigga's to stop giving us d.j.'s shit to download and it don't download!!!!! Mafucka's is scared to speak on it! Shit, if you want my pool to push your shit, get at me and be correct about your shit!!!!
  4. Doc Boogie

    Will Vill - Ashes

    I wanna hit it, but it wont download!
  5. This track is phat. Holla at us and we can give it a good push
  6. This is nice. Look partna, if you want a good push in the burgh, holla at me at docboogie@sbcglobal.net and let's get some promo-shit to our pool!!!!
  7. This track is phat. Shit, it's been a while since iv'e heard some smoove shit. Holla at us so we can give this girl a good push in the burgh.
  8. This is chill, but not what we bang up here,
  9. these joints are coll for a smoke party.
  10. When you know you got some hot shit like this, I don't see why you just don't get the promo packs rollin to the pools, ya feel me?????
  11. Groove is smoove, and if you send some promo shit to our pool, we'll push it.
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