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  1. Roam Bad Daddy - Azz Control

    Cport in this bitch!
  2. No Way Out- These Niggaz feat. Sharoyce Antwan(prod. by Lex Luger)

    Will do that, Geezy
  3. N.W.O.- These Niggaz feat. Sharoyce Antwan (prod. by Lex Luger) http://hulkshare.com/y9k9odltzkm4 A group of young Savannah trying to make a come up. Delaney and Uneek hooked up with Sharoyce Antwan on the Lex Luger produced track. When it comes to these niggas the women go crazy. The article: Login | Facebook
  4. Do You Need Drops? Get at us!

    I need a female on the drop saying: "God damn, DJ. This my shit! Sharoyce know that he can get it!" marquisdotroberts@gmail.com
  5. Sharoyce Antwan- She Aint Had It Like This Since (Prod. by BDB)

    I appreciate the listen, sir. Do you host?
  6. Sharoyce Antwan is an aspiring recording artist from Savannah, GA. He spent the past six years scribbling rhymes every single day while avidly poking his nose in music law magazines and Rap biographies. After acquiring an unemployment check prior to his wrongful termination, he set out to proliferate his pipedreams through a newly purchased pro tools setup. Sharoyce Antwan- She Aint Had It Like This (prod. by Bros Da Boss) Hulkshare.com She Aint Had It Since (Prod. by BDB).mp3