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  1. Migos Ft. Nicki Minaj & Cardi B - Motor Sport @Migos

  2. What Qualifies You As A DJ?

    i here your pain man...Ive been doing this since high school in jamaica, i had crates up on crates of vinals...then i moved to america and had to leave all my records behind, i was lost without my music and actually stop djing for years...i was happy when they came out with the cdj i slowly started gathering back my collections and doing gigs again but now we have seroto and mp3 which make it too easy but i cant go back to carrying those heavy crates man.. technology make it easy now and u have to move with it or get left behind but the music concept remains the same u still have to know how to mix and rock the crowd.
  3. Travis Porter - Make It Rain

    Thanks Bro Need that