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  1. Pitbull Ft. Ke$ha - Timber (Remix Pack)

    This track is bad ass.
  2. Se ve todo bueno. Gracias por tu collection. Por favor pon mas musica para todos.
  3. torq vs serato vs traktor

    That's right! I agree with you bro.
  4. torq vs serato vs traktor

    I started to DJ right when serato came out and vinyls weren't getting printed like before and it helped me out a lot. I've been told by a few djs that serato is better then trackor or torq but I've never really had a chance to mess with that softwear. I recently bought a mini player/mixer with virtual dj and upgraded to pro for the video mixing wich is great. You can hook up the serato box (or any of the others) to use digital vinyl or cds to mix wich makes this thing pretty cool. Virtual DJ has come a long way but I still chose serato for club or big event. I'll use Virtual DJ for background music or music video events. I think it all depends what you need, not what you heard. If you are just looking to play some music at your kick backs pcdj can be the greatest program for you. Don't hype it just cus you like it. There are guys who like a$$ and guys that like ( + ) ( + )
  5. Top Reggae/Dancehall for Clubs!

    If anyone can help with uploading some reggae/dancehall club bangers it would be much appriciated. I have always wanted to mix it but not sure who are what to look for besides beenie man. thank you to all in advance, I will take a look at you link Motty, thanks.
  6. Busy_Signal_-_Suavemente_(Remix_of_Elvis_Crespo)

    I like to play something different and this does the trick.
  7. Club Banger MUST HAVE FOR ANY DJ's!

    The hook is pretty good and it could do well here in LA. I'll play it and see what happens.