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    Jay Stuart aka "The A&R of the Underground & The Sponsor of the Streets" was born September 12th 1978 in the Sedgwick and Cedar area of the Bronx on w176th Street. He was around during DJ Kool Hercs starting of Hip Hop. Living in the mecca of Hip Hop for over 30 years Jay has music in his blood and feels a sense of responsibility towards keeping it pure. After working 10 years in music as a Project and Event Promoter, as well as Radio Executive Producer Jay saw the good, bad and ugly the music business had to offer and decided to start Jay Stuart Productions. This company's main objective is to provide funding and support to unsigned artists looking to get into the music business by providing them with such things as venues where artists can perform and make money, global promotion to over 10 million people worldwide via Jay Stuarts global blast list, opening performances for some of today's top artists, Their music sold in stores worldwide, Sponsorship for their projects and events from companies like Clique Vodka, Monster Energy Drink, Cuba Libre Rum & Cola, Ravykel Fashion, Mary Kay Cosmetics, and many other services that helps artists build their budgets and promote themselves on a large scale. Jay Stuart currently works with over 200 artists, several Indie record labels, corporations that look for new projects to sponsor worldwide, and over 100 media outlets (TV,Online,Print,Radio). Jay Also was a writer for DipStick Magazine. Jay's main goal is to help bridge the gap between the unsigned and the majors. Being A distant cousin of legendary rapper LL Cool J and Gospel Group Mary Mary Jay works with labels and artists from all genres of music from rap to reggae, from pop to alternative and with each project will bring you only the best music in the world. Jay's artist ACStyle who he manages has been on the Billboard Charts for 18 weeks and counting thanks to Jay's promotional and marketing skills.
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