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  1. John Legend Ft. Rick Ross - Who Do We Think We Are

    Heard this about a week ago,dope and def will get airtime on my playlist!
  2. J. Cole Ft. Trey Songz - Can't Get Enough

  3. Drake Talks Lil Wayne’s Lines On “I’m Good” (Video)

    DRAKE is learning the cut and dodge thing real well when it comes to answering the media...Congrats lmao!
  4. Jim Jones Disses Lil Wayne Over Gang Affiliation, Tight Pants

    Yeah lets see if Wayne has a response for Jim as opposed to going at Jay who clearly is not thinking about his tight pants MANDEX wearing lil fagbox ass,lol
  5. Steve Stoute On Jay-Z Vs. Lil Wayne:

    Couldnt of said it more graciously,or maybe someone should let Wayne and Game and all the other Haters who are trying to get some Publicity for they albums,put plainly 'YOU DERELICTS ARE A NON MOTHER FUCKING FACTOR!!! Make good music and you wont have to resort to 50cent myalbumisabouttodropletmecreateabeef route,lol FUCK OUTTA HERE YALL CORNBALLS
  6. Alpac (Max B Artis) - Im Back

    Okay AL rep the block my ninja,Glad you finally making a few moves kidd!!! 40th street we in this Biyottch.
  7. Drake - Headlines (Produced By Boi-1Da & Noah "40" Shebib)

    Good Joint,heard it while i was in Miami..pretty good joint!
  8. This video is from the First Official Single off the upcoming BIG L DOCUMENTARY called STREET STRUCK-THE BIG L STORY.The documentary is slated to be released this FALL 2011.This song titled "ME AND BIG L".The song was done by fellow Harlemite and Original Children of the Corn Member MIKE BOOGIE.The video was filmed by Jewlz the director for Dangerzone Filmz.
  9. Maino-Biggie Is Back (30.04.2011)

    i fux with maino but this aint really the one right here!
  10. Bobby V. - Words

    This song was a classic case of the video being so good it made me love the record,word!!
  11. LLoyd Banks - Start It Up Remix Feat. Young Jeezy - CDQ

    This joint is good mooga fam..def Gets Air Time!
  12. Lupe Fiasco Ft. Skylar Grey - Words I Never Said (Produced by Alex Da Kid)

    Reup..link is dead!!!
  13. Fabolous - Wolves In Sheep Clothing

    Yeah this is good money,never get tired of hearing good lyrics!!NICEEEEEEEEEEEE...
  14. Memory foam mattress-trusting online advertising

    Come on yall..DJAYING...DJAYING isnt that what the site is about,dont get me wrong commerce is good and beautiful thing.. but not everywhere should we be bombarded with stuff that has nothing to do with the culture HIP HOP!! peace n love yall,and keep the good music spinning.
  15. Glad to meet you sis,for me as a dj the being a white female isnt an important fact that will influence me spinning the music.If the music is Banging dont worry i gotchu,if its not it goes in the same bin ass a mcee of any other race that makes wack music,lol but i give every artists music a chance and give it a good listen. As a dj's its our job to be open towards breakin a new artist with new music..peace n love!!