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  1. Raggamuffin Riddim 1987

    did you take down the links? I am unable to download the riddim.
  2. What Qualifies You As A DJ?

    Old School DJs need to embrace the technology and incorporate it in your sets. It can only make your job as a DJ easier. I am sure that many or all of you use Microwaves, Cars, Electricity, Computers, Colored Televisions, Ipods, Powered Speakers, Medical Machines in the Hospital etc. Those things were not always here. They were invented to make our life easier and they have been doing a hell of a job. Just Imaging going back to watching Black & White TV or riding carriages. Technology is here to stay and if you can't embrace it, you will certainly be left behind.
  3. What Qualifies You As A DJ?

    A lot of the old school DJs are quick to dismiss new DJs and say they are not real DJs because they don't use turntables or scratch. Well take your mind out of 1980, we are in 2010 and turntables are about to be obsolete. DJs today were not born in the era of turntables. They were born in the era of Midi controllers, Serato, Traktor, Ableton and Virtual DJ. What if I tell you to stop driving your car and buy a horse to get around? Point is that horses are an obsolete way of transportation just at turntables will be an obsolete way of DJing. It's called new technology; like CDs replacing cassettes and Ipods replacing CDs. I agree that a young DJ needs to understand the history of DJing, which includes how it began and it's pioneers. But midi controllers like the Ns7 do the same thing that a turntable did and much much more; so there is nothing wrong with queue points, using bpm, or sync or computers for that matter. I want to see all the old school DJs stop using mp3s and go back to records because they didn't use them back it the early days. How about stop using powered speakers or LCD TVs or anything that was not being used in 1980. Embrace the technology and try to help the young DJs by giving them tips on how to improve their skills but please stop with the insults because you don't need a degree to be a DJ, this is not rocket science. You just have to love music, understand the concepts of DJing and practice, practice, Practice. One love.