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    I am the manager of one of the hottest hip hop artist in the game today, Alias J.
  1. 3 Words... GO GET IT! http://www.mediafire.com/file/9uf9xflx6s7ooax/Alias%20J%20Hello%20World%28MixtapeAlbum%29.zip
  2. I see this one's still goin hard on greenhitz. Hit us up for drops aliasjduboiz@gmail.com. These radio stations are wild, they still think we don't have a buzz but DJ Enuff Hot 97 and the Heavy Hitters are playin Alias J music, lol! WTF is a BUZZ? Anybody really know wat that is. Sounds like to me it means the same to everybody in the industry when it comes to them making money off you. Nobody ever has a buzz it seems. But we got NYC streets bangin J music and talkin about him.
  3. Alias J - Blow Up ( Bin Laden Money ) (Clean Mix) http://www.mediafire.com/file/ekm8dxaapxqdbws/Blow%20Up%28Clean%29.mp3 Alias J - Blow Up ( Bin Laden Money ) (Dirty Mix) http://www.mediafire.com/file/5ghhki5068ly6bo/Blow%20Up%28Dirty%29.mp3 FOLLOW TWITTER @ALIASJDUBOIZ http://www.reverbnation.com/aliasj
  4. Here's another Banger by Alias J... Hott one right here too. GO GET IT AND LETS BREAK THIS ONE DJS. Radio edits comin soon.. ALL ABOUT MONEY http://www.greenhitz.com/forums/hip-hop-rap-singles/52755-alias-j-all-about-money.html
  5. You can expect nothing but the best from Alias J... I have been managing for a while and this dudes talent when it comes to this music is unbelievable. He can just make a hit song right on the spot, mix and record it in 30-45 mins and not write down one lyric. There's plenty more we about to release, I'm talkin like 5 or 6 albums worth of hott tracks. Grants Alley Management/ Duboiz Entertainment...We do it! Follow the movement!
  6. Here's another single releasing soon by Alias J. CLUB BANGER, has already been spun in New York and has gotten the apporval from the crowds. They were coming up to DJ GO WILD NYC asking who sings this song and tellin him to keep spinning him. Let's start the breaking process. More to come http://www.greenhitz.com/forums/hip-hop-rap-singles/50099-alias-j-i-just-wanna-party-guaranteed-bang.html
  7. File name: Alias J - I Just Wanna Party Download link: I Just Wanna Party.mp3 GUARANTEED TO BANG!!! BRAND NEW SINGLE RELEASING FROM UPCOMING MIXTAPE AND ALBUM. YOU GOT IT FIRST GREENHITZ. YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO LET IT LEAK AND LETS BREAK IT... PLENTY MORE TO COME. GET AT US FOR DROPS, INTERVIEWS, SHOWS, SERVICE PACKS, ETC. FOR EXCLUSIVES FOLLOW TWITTER @ ALIASJDUBOIZ, OR GO TO Alias J | Houston, TX | Hip Hop / Rap / Club | Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos | ReverbNation. WE APPRECIATE THE LUV! Contact @ judahgap@gmail.com or aliasjduboiz@gmail.com
  8. Judah Gap

    Alias j

    DJs THIS IS IT.. GO GET IT... A MUST HAVE CLUB BANGER...ONE OF THE HOTTEST THREADS. SEE THE FEEDBACK ON GREENHITZ... http://www.greenhitz.com/forums/hip-...ing-money.html
  9. I feel you NYCsDjParadise... GreenHitz ya'll a fool, lmao. I could only imagine the conversation on this one throughout the team when you received this record. I'ma have to go with WOW on this one too! But music is music, do ya thang homie... Go youtube with this one and be sure to add the cover and this one could go viral... Somebody will listen, I think my grandmother would jam this though, straight up!!!
  10. The hottest atrist n the best hip-hop artist ALIAS "J",keep grinding homie...Respect the movement Gap Movement!!!!!Google Alias "J".......GAP MANAGAMENT,Bless Judah Gap...
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