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  1. From the first emcees from the Bronx New York, to the present day
  2. Mosh [Prod. By Sonny Digital] Dem White Boyz

    From the first emcees from the Bronx New York, to the present day “trap rappers” who flood the rap game with heavy beats and tails from the block, we see huge diversity in what we call hip hop. Dem White Boyz (DWB) Straight out of Anniston Alabama represents this type of diversity at its fullest. Alabama has been a cesspool for musical development over the ages producing greats like Nat King Cole and the Commodores. Fast forward to the new millennium musicians such as Rich Boy, Yelawolf, Gucci Mane (Born in Alabama) and now in 2010 we have the emergence of Dem White Boyz. The group consists of Lukas “Mr. Payne” Payne, Colin “Sikk” Searcy, and Cody “Skayta Boy” Johnson three dudes who share the ability to really snap on a beat. They have the blessing of many industry playmakers, and the name Dem White Boyz? It was given to them by their fans. DWB is the total package handling their own bass heavy production and creating there own concepts. It’s easy to judge and dismiss three white dudes going ham in the club rocking back and forth but, upon listening to the music it’s impossible not to get amped and appreciate these dudes for their individual flows. The beats are raw, and the lyrics are just as raw, creating the type of music that even toughest of skeptics can’t deny. Mr. Payne energetically screams “The clubs Jammed packed! No need to complain! We bangin with our heads! We rockin breakin chains!” to the up tempo high bass instrumental of “Mosh” produced by Sonny Digital. When listening to this track we really understand that these boys aren’t to be played with. DWB has been compared to the Beastie Boys, Travis Porter, and even 1017 brick squad. However, anyone with a good set of ears can recognize that these dudes are pioneering an individual sound. The dynamic trio has already amassed a sizable yet growing fan base, which is solidified by their numerous appearances opening for established artists Like Gucci Mane and Young Dro. Songs like “Mosh” and “Everywhere We Go” are pretty much guaranteed to have America going nuts. With the rap game now centered in the south, DWB are ready to claim there stake in the rap game skinny jeans, boy band haircuts and all. Just don’t be surprised when they have the hoods and suburbs of America going stupid all at the same time. DL MOSH Below LimeLinx - Preview - Dem White Boyz - Mosh.mp3 ]