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  1. This is FIRE...I definitely hear this one banging in the club.
  2. I'm feeling this one here...I definitely like the track.
  3. This is definitely a club banger!!!
  4. Dis is it. I know this is on my next mixtape!!!
  5. I really appreciate that link. I had this and lost it on a bad harddrive.
  6. I use virtual dj and I like it alot. I had bought that hercules dj remix before I got my cd players. Once I got my CD players I started using it as just a soundcard and the sound is superb. I'm thinking about purchasing that Rane tt57 that was made for use with Serato. I want to do away with the soundcard and be able to use my mixer as my soundcard. I know there are cheaper mixers out there that has usb I/O and would probably do just as good, but Rane mixers are the best.
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